The Bates Motel


The photographer whom I worked with last year on a shoot in LA, has offered an unusual spot for our next shoot in October on Sunset Boulevard. Abandoned, locked out and surrounded by razor wires, all completely covered by white paint, even the roadside billboards and the neighboring palm trees – “The Bates Motel” by artist Vincent Lamoroux.
Being an extraordinary person that I am, I got extremely fascinated by the project. So we shot a couple of looks on that very day. We got in through a tiny hall in the gate, got all messed up and dirty with the paint, scratched our hands and arms, but it was all worth it at the end. And being illegally on someone’s private property only added to our excitement. And when one of the passing pedestrians has yelled at us: “they called the police!” we sprinted away like crazy. My high heeled Giuseppe Zanotti have definitely not forgiven me that!

Jacket – The Kooples
Skirt, top – H&M
Sandal – Giuseppe Zanotti


Dress – Vivienne Westwood
Coat – Vivienne Westwood
Shoes – Сhristian Louboutin

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