Black over White. Черным по Белому


One of my favorite art museums happens to be The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  Like many others, it contains a lot of significant works of art.  The most noteworthy attraction of the muceum however is the main entrance, located on  Wilshire Boulevard, which was created by the sculptor Chris Berden.  It consists of 202 steel street lights  of the 20th century. Apparently they have been collected from various towns around LA, renovated and gathered in one architectural piece in 2008.  They are connected to the solar power batteries, located on the roof of the main entrance to the museum.  This work inspired my minimalist look.

The mainstay of my sporty winter-spring-summer looks of the 90s will be provided predominantly by Michael Kors sunglasses.

Masculine-like boots and belts added a military and sporty chic. The look was completed by the leather jacket. Overall it turned out to be surprisingly comfortable, despite the dress with numerous laces.

My final days in warm LA with their golden sunsets has given me energy for my trip to NYFW.

P.S. Before the photo shoot, I visited an exhibition honoring the 40s anniversary of the legendary DVF dress.  The room was packed with celebrities from the art and entertainment world.  A retrospective look was created of 200 scented dresses, featuring models from her first collections. Moreover the collector’s Diane von Furstenberg   exhibition also included works of Andy Warhol and Helmut Newton. In a new movie “American Hustle” one of the key Oscar 2014  nominees was wearing Diana’s dress as well.  The exhibition will be held through April, 1st.  To those who are in LA, I strongly advise to go see it.


Dress – Romwe
Leather jacket – Balenciaga
Boots – Strategia
Bracelet – Romwe
Sunglasses – Michael Kors







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