The Bates Motel

The photographer whom I worked with last year on a shoot in LA, has offered an unusual spot for our next shoot in October on Sunset Boulevard. Abandoned, locked out and surrounded by razor wires, all completely covered by white paint, even the roadside billboards and the neighboring palm trees – “The Bates Motel” by artist Vincent Lamoroux. Being an extraordinary person that I am, I got extremely fascinated by the project. So we shot a couple of looks on that very day. We got […]

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Chelsea Piers

Continuing post on style of the 70s, I would like to note a sport dress from H&M that matches well with the sneakers. I have chosen Chanel in this case. Sunglasses of a spanish brand Uterqüe have added a calming touch to the outfit. Dress – HM Sneakers – Chanel Shades – Uterque

Street style ’70s

Main characteristics of the 70s style have become multilevel and electricity. This decade brought together many styles: ethno, classics, romance, hippie, sport, military, disco, punk and unisex. As for personal preferences, I would go with sport, unisex and disco styles. In general this is my favorite period in the history of fashion, music and style. Nowadays mass market brands offer an opulence of wardrobe items from the 70s. I found a tight polo with rubberized cuffs in H&M and wide leg pants ZARA that were […]

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Alexander Wang x HM

I absolutely love all kinds of collaborations. However Alexander Wang and HM one was of a special kind. He is one of New York’s favorite designers. I attended a press sale on November 5th and was able to get my hands on a cool backpack, large number of men’s T-shirts, women’s tops and dresses. In other words, 70% of all what was presented was mine. I am fond of sport style and the new collection fit into my wardrobe perfectly, matching many items I already […]

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Fall in Love in New York

I fell in love with this city, heart and soul, in 2013. The energy here is incredible, like no other city in the world, in spite of the negatives that people might bring up about NYC. I am presenting all of the photo shoots taken in my beloved New York here, one of which was shot by the photographer from Latin American Vogue. Sweatshirt – HM Skirt – HM Velvet Brooch – TopShop Backpack – Chanel vintage Boots – Balenciaga Dress – American Apparel Shades […]


The Center of Modern Art P.S. 1 is  one of the largest and oldest institutes of  USA, dedicated exclusively to the modern art.  It is located in Queens, Long Island City.  Besides constant new exhibitions, the institute organizes prestigious  International and National projects, such as summer music competition “Warm Up,” and architectural programs for youth MoMА (P.S. 1), in collaboration with Museum of Modern Art. Center of Modern Art P.S. 1 and MoMА have officially started their professional collaboration in January of 2000, creating together […]

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Fuerza Bruta NYC

Fuerza Bruta is not  like any other show.  Having heard so many wonderful things about it, I have decided to attend without delay. One thing I can assure you – you will not be bored!  The actors are actively participating as well as many people from the audience  There is only club music and dancing, but no dialogue; dynamic with every movement.  Most important thing not to forget is to wear clothing that you will not regret getting wet. This is how the show unfolds.  […]

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All denim outfit

The shoot took place near Sarah Jessica Parker’s house, and not the one we are familiar with from the “Sex and the City” TV show, but her real house where she resides with her family. I like to take walks among the townhouses with high staircases in this particular part of Manhattan. Each one of them is unique in its own way and is interesting because of the history and the stories of its inhabitants. As a rule, the area is inhabited with people from […]

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Those who like high fashion

Elena Butko, a photographer from Moscow, who captures street style in Paris and backstage action on PWW, has offered me to make a portfolio together. We have decided to start by walking through the bohemian streets of Soho, where the number of fashionistas is much higher than the number of luxury boutiques. Looking at the stylish people here one can always learn something new or well-forgotten old. Starting from the exclusive vintage and ending in suprematism and sporty minimalism in clothing. In other words there […]

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Just a typical sunday

After a prolonged period of rain it is finally hot in NY. We decided to take a walk through Central Park get some fresh air and enjoy a walk near Columbus Circle. As a result ended up at Washington Square, where a painter was drawing colored sand the beautiful flowers. После затяжных дождей в Нью-Йорке наступила жара. Решили выйти в Централ парк подышать кислородом и прогуляться возле Площади Колумба. В Итоге добрались до Вашингтон сквера, где художник цветным песком рисовал такие замечательные цветы.     […]

High Line Park

The unique High-Line Park runs 1 mile in length made from a restored elevated train line. It is located over the streets of two western districts of Lower Manhattan – The Meatpacking district and Chelsea.  The transformation of the abandoned rail line into a beautiful park-like walking path has uplifted the surrounding areas, as real estate prices are up 40% since its completion.  Designed by New York architects and landscape designers the project truly looks unique. Salvaging as much of the rail line as possible, […]

Park avenue

Park Avenue is one of the main and most spacious thoroughfares that bisects Manhattan down the middle, splitting east from west. One block over lies Madison avenue, the most chic shopping street of Manhattan. Park Avenue dates from the early nineteenth century and has since that time been the home for the most affluent Manhattanites. Real estate on Park Avenue is considered one of the most coveted, expensive and exclusive places to live in the world. At the intersection of 42nd street lies Grand Central […]

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Black over White. Черным по Белому

One of my favorite art museums happens to be The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  Like many others, it contains a lot of significant works of art.  The most noteworthy attraction of the muceum however is the main entrance, located on  Wilshire Boulevard, which was created by the sculptor Chris Berden.  It consists of 202 steel street lights  of the 20th century. Apparently they have been collected from various towns around LA, renovated and gathered in one architectural piece in 2008.  They are […]

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  Поездка в LA у меня получилась не совсем запланированная, но не менее желанная. Два года подряд дух Калифорнии манит из Нью-Йоркской зимы в средиземноморский климат. Здесь в Столице развлечений и Киноиндустрии я решила провести начало года. Так как каждый день посещаю интересные выставки, мероприятия или крупнейшие afterparty, такие как Golden Globes, Grammy  – времени выкладывать посты просто не хватает, буду исправляться. Мне определенно нравится калифорнийский Grunge style. Свободный и удобный!  К тому же локальные бренды предоставляют огромный выбор крутых экземпляров и трендовых элементов, которые можно комбинировать cо всей классикой гардероба или вовсе […]

    У меня с Нью-Йорком безусловная любовь. Каждый раз заезжая на Манхэттан мое сердце замирает и бабочки порхают в животе. Ни в одном городе мира, в котором я бывала, такого со мной не случалось. Особые отношения сложились спустя полгода проживания в Midtown  , среди крупных магазинов таких как Barneys, Saks, Goodman. Я стала жертвой американских дизайнеров,  стиля и подачи каждого продукта в иной (не европейской) обертке, что дало свой отпечаток моего “американского” стиля, но и ударило по моей карте) В общем я вернулась на […]

11.12.13 let’s start

Я не могу сказать, что пятилетний ребенок может осознанно воспринимать и анализировать окружающее, но все же чувство вкуса у меня стало формироваться примерно в этом возрасте, когда  наша семья жила в Чехии . Мое детство проходило в окружении стильных европейцев, что с ранних лет помогло мне понять негласные правила модной индустрии. Моя Мама, с ее безупречным вкусом, не могла не усилить мое восприятие и тяги к красивым вещам. Те интересные платьица и костюмчики, которые я носила в детстве, стали первым моим поводом для гордости. В юности […]

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